Siamese Flames

Siamese refers to a breed in KittyCatS that has a real-life counterpart by the same name. Siamese were both in the KittyCatS beta and in the beginning of KittyCatS at launch.

Siamese FursEdit

There are five known Siamese furs at this time:

Real-Life Siamese Breed History & TemperamentEdit

"The actual origins of the Siamese have been lost, but it is fairly certain that it is Eastern in origin. Manuscripts from Ayudha, the ancient capital of Siam (now Thailand), record native cats. One of these manuscripts, Cat Book Poems dating from 1350, pictures a pale-coated cat with a black mask, tail, feet and ears. The Siamese made its debut in Europe in 1871 at the Crystal Palace Cat Show in London. In 1879, the first Siamese arrived in the United States as a gift to the wife of President Rutherford Hayes from the US Consul in Bangkok. The original Siamese shown were seal points, but as blue, chocolate and lilac colors appeared, they were accepted as part of the breed."

"Siamese are graceful, lively, demanding, talkative, and very intelligent. They are very social and people oriented. They must have people around to thrive and is the perfect cat for someone who wants lots of interaction and activity. Siamese are extremely smart, vocal, and have a lot to say...they always have the last word.

They are very playful, entertaining themselves for hours. They have their favorite toys and never tire of playing throughout their lives. They are natural fetchers and will fetch as long as someone is there to toss! They are a very amusing breed."

- Wikipedia, TICA, & Cat Fancier's Association

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